Body Oils Care

You can use them on your skin, as a hair, a massage oil, or in your bath to charge up with the magickal intent you desire.

The Breathe Easy oil is best used on the back and chest to help clear sinus', can also be used on sore muscles as needed.

  • Can be used in your baths to enhance your experience, one to two droppers should be sufficient
  • Can be used on your skin or mixed in with your lotions. They make a great massage oil as well!
  • Can be used as a hair oil, use in small amounts to avoid an oily feel
  • Can be used to anoint your candles to prep for spell work

How to store:

Store all essential oil-based products in a cool, dry area away from direct heat and light.

Disclaimer/Safety Use:

Please use caution if the oil is to be used on the face, the eye area and mouth should always be avoided. Some oils and herbs will have strong effects, please exercise caution around sensitive areas on the body. A patch test should be done 24 hours prior to regular use to see for any allergic reactions. Not to be ingested. For external use only.

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