Lip Balm Care

Apply a thin layer on the lips, and re-apply as needed throughout your day. 

Crafted with natural and vegan ingredients, this minty concoction is perfect for your daily lip care. The refreshing and invigorating scent of rosemary adds to its appeal, while its smooth, buttery texture makes it a must-have for nourished and hydrated lips.

This lip balm was created with the health of your lips in mind. Handcrafted with sweet almond, sunflower and baobab oils, mango and avocado butters, sunflower wax, squalane, vitamin E and rosemary essential oil.

Comes in a kraft paper tube, so your lips and the environment, can feel good with your choice!

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How to store:

Keep product capped and store in a cool, dry area away from direct heat. If the product starts to get soft during heat spells, put it in a cool area (the fridge or freezer normally does the trick!) to re-harden.

Disclaimer/Safety Use:

For lip care use only, external application only. Do not ingest. Avoid using fingers to apply product as this can lead to bacteria deposit on the product. Lip products should not be shared with others. Keep out of reach of children and pets. 

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