Candle Care

The first burn of the candle, is the most IMPORTANT:

Burn until the wax has melted all the way around the edges of the candle to avoid an uneven burn the next time your candle is lit.

Wood wicks are self trimming and should not be cut. Too short of a wick will prevent the candle from properly burning and staying lit. 

If you purchased this candle with the intent for magick, make sure to sit with your candle and focus on your intent, the magick you wish to be working. Send a silent prayer to the universe. When you feel you have been heard, light your candle and keep your intent at the forefront as your allow your candle to burn down.
If you purchased this candle with no magickal intent, feel free to simply light it as you see fit and enjoy the beautiful aromas.
Feel free to fish out the crystals with a pair of tweezers or a spoon once they start to emerge enough. Make sure you blow out the flame first before trying to get them out of the wax. Give them a quick wipe, or rinse down with warm water, and keep them around your space.

Disclaimer/Safety Use:

Please make sure to always keep an eye on the flame, do not let it burn unattended, around animals, or small children. There are flammable herbs and materials in the candle, make sure to blow it out once most of the candle wax has burned down to avoid fire hazards, roughly 1/4 inch of wax should be left.

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