Product Knowledge and Uses


The first burn of the candle, is the most IMPORTANT:
Burn until the wax has melted all the way around the edges of the candle to avoid an uneven burn the next time your candle is lit.
Keep the regular candle wick trimmed to 1/4" before every burn after the first initial burn to ensure a clean burn. Too long of a wick can create smoke and a large flame, too short of a wick can prevent the candle from burning properly and may lead to tunneling.
Note: the wood wicks are self trimming and should not be cut.
If you purchased this candle with the intent for magick, make sure to sit with your candle and focus on your intent, the magick you wish to be working. Send a silent prayer to the universe. When you feel you have been heard, light your candle and keep your intent at the forefront as your allow your candle to burn down.
If you purchased this candle with no magickal intent, feel free to simply light it as you see fit and enjoy the beautiful aromas.
Feel free to fish out the crystals with a pair of tweezers or a spoon once they start to emerge enough. Make sure you blow out the flame first before trying to get them out of the wax. Give them a quick wipe, or rinse down with warm water, and keep them around your space.
Disclaimer/Safety Use:
Please make sure to always keep an eye on the flame, do not let it burn unattended, around animals, or small children. There are flammable herbs and materials in the candle, make sure to blow it out once most of the candle wax has burned down to avoid fire hazards, roughly 1/4 inch of wax should be left.


You can use it on your body, hands, or in your bath to charge up with the magickal intent you need.
The Breathe Easy oil is best used on the back and chest to help clear sinus', can also be used on sore muscles as needed.
  • You can use them in your baths to enhance your experience, one to two droppers should be sufficient
  • You can use them on your skin, or mixed in with your lotions. They make a great massage oil!
  • You can use them to anoint your candles to prep for spell work
  • You can use them in your diffusers to fill your space with the desired intent. Note: the scent pay off will not be as strong as it is not pure essential oils.
Disclaimer/Safety Use: 
Please use caution if the oil is to be used on the face, the eye area and mouth should always be avoided. Some oils and herbs will have strong effects, please exercise caution around sensitive areas on the body. A patch test should be done 24 hours prior to regular use to see for any allergic reactions. Not to be ingested. 


Can be used in your space, on your furniture, or on your person as you see fit. Shake well before use, avoid the eyes and mouth area!
The Bonne Nuit Spray was specifically created for bed time use, but can be used as you see fit. Spray your bedding and pillows before bunking down for the night, you are sure to fall asleep peacefully to the sweet musky floral notes of this spray!
Disclaimer/Safety Use:
You should hold the spray around 2-3 meters away from what you intend on spraying. Please keep mouth and eyes closed if you plan on quickly spraying your face area to avoid any irritations to the eyes or ingestion of the product.